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Crane Deming Vertical Sump Pumps Series 4508

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Crane-Deming Sump Pumps, Fig. 4508, have been designed to fill the demand for a reliable, yet inexpensive unit, where a big industrial sump pump is larger than needed and a cellar drainer is too small.
Flexible coupling connects motor shaft and pump shaft. Pump shaft is ground and polished and is supported by a heavy duty ball thrust bearing enclosed in a dust and water tight housing above the support plate. Impeller is semi-open. Type A is furnished with a split cover plate, complete with discharge pipe extending through the plate.
Type B is furnished without cover plate and without discharge pipe, so arranged that the unit can be placed on the floor of the pit.
Type B can be easily converted to Type A by removing the base ring and adding the split cover plate and discharge piping. 20- or 28-inch cast iron split cover plate is made in halves and bolted together to fit bell of an 18- or 24-inch tile. Motors furnished regularly for 115/230 volts, single phase or 230/460 volts, 3 phase, 60 cycle, 1750 RPM, as required. The float switch, furnished as regular equipment, will automatically start and stop the unit. Overload relay is provided in drip proof single phase motors through 1 H.P. only. Protection for other motors must be provided by magnetic across-the-line starter, furnished at extra price. Furnished for sump depths up to 10 feet only. Duplex assemblies include two standard Type A pumps with 40" diameter pit cover, manhole and single alternator float control. Starters for overload protection of 3 phase and single phase 1/2 and 2 H.P. drip proof motors are furnished at extra price.

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CDVS-4508A Vertical Sump Pumps Type A Semi-Open
CDVS-4508B Vertical Sump Pumps Type B Semi-Open
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